About us

Responsabilidad Ambiental Ospina Grasas y Pieles

Since 1925, we render and recycle inedible animal byproducts as we work for the community and generate employment with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.


Our process follows a strict material selection so we can guarantee the best quality in our products.


Ospinas’ main goal is to contribute to the growth of the agribusiness while respecting the environment. The company renders and recycles inedible animal byproducts through a process that delivers products with excellent quality while being responsible with our planet. Ospina Grasas y Pieles is always following a path of growth, not only economical but also personal and professional for its team.


Ospina Grasas y Pieles will increase its share in the national and international market and will continue building customer trust. The company will become a role model and a leader in the rendering sector for the continuous improvements in its processes thus becoming completely responsible with the environment. Ospina will continue to stand out from its competition on account of its excellence, impeccability, Integrity, honesty and respect.


Principles: Responsibility, integrity, sustainability.
Values: Trust, Honesty, Respect.
Attribute: Quality.

Don Alfredo Ospina