Environmental responsibility

Responsabilidad Ambiental Ospina Grasas y Pieles

Our recycling process (Rendering).

Our industry is responsible of removing great amounts of carbon from the environment. Animal fat is more than 75% carbon, while animal protein is 25% carbon. Every pound of carbon can result in an environmental release of 3-7 pound s of CO2. If not rendered these would be a potential source of green house gases such as Co2, Methane, ammonia and nitrous oxide.

Ospina Grasas y Pieles is a green industry, by gathering and recycling the inedible animal byproducts, we avoid the impact these materials would create if allowed to decompose. Our process provides essential services to protect human and animal health from disease and protect the environment.

Aware of the impact our planet is suffering, we have engaged unconditionally to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of our surroundings through clean processes. In Ospina Grasas y Pieles water, air and earth are our responsibility.

Nuestro proceso de reciclaje Rendering Ospina Grasas y Pieles